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You have problems in your business or life you don't want, yes? Pick one you'd love me to teach you to solve for good, what d'you feel is a fair price you can afford & are ready to pay if I accept?

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What Do You Believe Your #1 PROBLEM (that underlies all others) Truly Is?

How Many Skills Are You Short of your dream life?

I'm Willing to Give You A 7 Day Unlimited ACCESS PASS TO MY LIFETIME SWIPE FILE! Over 15,000 Cheatsheets, Sales Templates, Copywriting Formulas, Step By Step Blueprints And Instant Skill Uploads. 7 Days from now you call me on +62 8775 9299342 and tell me how many problems you've solved with tools from my lifetime vault of potential unlocking alchemy, then what results you've created using others..... Finally, we'll work out the value that has showed up in your life after 1 week of having access to my great library of intelligence..... And either you pay me a sensible cut of that value, say 1/3 of the total profit you made is that fair? OR you can take option No2, which is to pay me £10 per week to keep your unlimited access to what's already there, plus all the extra stuff that goes in every week, with the agreement that when you've got every you need you Can just say "nice one Paul, I'm off, and away you go to live the life of Riley with my blessing, and I don't need another tenner off you thereafter...... Doea that sound fair? So which of the 2 options is more appealing to you and why? The second one right? Because you already know you're going to get skills and knowledge that will allow you to earn thousands for just few tenners... Am I right? Ok, so there's only 1 little thing niggling me m about that...... And that's because both you and I know full well that I'm going to get a continual %age of people every week come and eat at my table, feat like a king, only to then bugger off with a stack full of stuff they've bulk copied, and I'll never see even 1 tenner from any if these people will I? Now you're not one of those people are you? I thought not..,.. Are you willing to prove that to me right now n exchange for the safe combination...? Just pay your weekly tenners in advance, by PayPal ...... That's a perfectly reasonable ask isn't it? And a tenner a week for the "how to" cheatsheet of any & everyskill in the world....I yours? Deal? pleasure Doing business with you! The link below takes you to PayPal so you can sey up your weekly tenners staring today and until you've got everything you came for, then just cancel it? Are you 100% happy with our deal,? Not even the slightest hint of doubt? Excellent! Then let's get into it.... Welcome to my world and to your life, only a Gazillion times cooler than before!


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